Learn and Earn Bitcoin


Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, are the future and there is now the ability to pay for goods and services without depleting your cash.  Mint Rewards offers everyone the ability to get discounts or buy with cryptocurrency.  So, we are making the process simple.  Get our free membership card when you complete a simple online course on how to use cryptocurrency to buy what you need and build your personal wealth

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Training
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  • There is nothing you must buy to get our help and guidance after just one course
  • We do not offer financial advice or require product purchases
  • Everyone benefits by learning and participating in the growth of a Buying Community.
  • Our promise is that we work to make cryptocurrency simple for average people

Participating stores, services, and businesses in your area are now offering discounts and loyalty rewards to those using our membership program.  Everyone wins with Mint Rewards.  Customers save money and earn cryptocurrency with our free app.  Stores get loyal customers who love earning cryptocurrency rewards.  Mint Rewards bring loyal customers to businesses without costly advertising, and greatly assist everyone in the inevitable transition to cryptocurrency that answers the economic issues of this hour.

Even better, we show our members how to easily grow their wealth and increase their buying power.  We make it simple and convenient.  Sponsor a simple meeting of friends, workers, or customers to earn up to $1000 in cryptocurrency.